Wedding Cake Toppers | Sculpture

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Available Styles:Folk/Primitive, Whimsical
Delivery Format:3D Artwork
Weight:2 lbs
Description:Commission me to create a one-of-a-kind ceramic cake topper for your special day. Each piece is custom made to resemble the couple and made to suit ALL lifestyles.

This small cake topper measures 5" tall and will fit a 6" cake top.
Artist StatementI make figurative clay sculpture that is colorful and often whimsical, expressing the Spirit in the humans, birds and animals depicted. It felt so natural to incorporate these creatures as my work evolved from vessel and function-related to that which is more about story.
As I make my way through life, there is much to stand in awe of. Issues and challenges also arise. I hope my imagery suggests celebration, resolution and warmth.
Since it is in relationship that we are greatly challenged and in which we heal and grow, my characters are often partnered. To me, describing intimate relationship also refers to wider relational and social issues, so my comments in clay hopefully point to resolution in a greater world context, where we all meet on the same level, and peace lives.
Artist BiographyI was born in Charlotte, NC, raised and schooled nearby and attended college at Emory University and Georgia State University, where I received a BS in Early Childhood Education.
Practically my whole career has been as a self-employed potter and clay artist. I have been lucky to have a tremendous family of artist colleagues and to see so much of this beautiful country as I have traveled to art shows throughout the US.
I have also enjoyed working with galleries and interior designers, doing commission work for individuals and organizations- helping to tell their stories- and teaching workshops to support my students in telling theirs.
I count myself double-blessed that as I have pursued a career in art, there have been so many lessons along the way, provided unanticipated learning !
Georgia State University|Graduated
What I Love Doing
I love birds, bird-watching, bird-feeding, and tending to my little avian hostel!
I love gardening, sharing plants with friends and family to make my flower beds into stories. I love having friends over, cooking, eating, talking and laughing together.
I love my family, spending time with Mama, siblings, nieces, nephews and great nieces whenever I can.
I love my boyfriend, our art experiences, also our handyman projects (mostly around my house, as his is perfect), and traveling together.
What I Find Beautiful
Little things that catch me off guard I find beautiful, like spider webs with dew on them, intense rays of sunlight in unsuspecting places, ephemeral, and all the more treasured because of it.
Children's artwork is beautiful.
My Favorite Memory
A favorite memory is of my sister and me visiting our mother at her home in the independent living section of the Episcopal Church Home in Louisville, KY. We cooked, talked, laughed, drank beer, and prepared and planted her flower beds for the season. What a treasure!

Just one more- attending the Women's March on Washington! Life at its best! What a country! What passion and patriotism!
My Favorite Art Style
I have to say I favor narrative figurative clay!
($165.00 deposit charged upon purchase, Balance of $165.00 due upon shipment) Payment Terms
Ready to ship within 1-2 Months
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Additional Information

Artwork Medium No
Subject Matter Love, Marriage
Personality Type No
Recipient No
Collections Irresistible Art
Creative Style Folk/Primitive, Whimsical
Artwork Underlying Themes No
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