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Available Styles:Children's
Delivery Format:Song
Instruments:Multiple Instruments
Instrument Type:Mixed Instruments
Available File Type(s):mp3
Printed Lyrics included? No
Sheet Music included? No
Additional Details:Commission me to create a song with simple instrumentation: guitar, vocals, percussion, and sound effects. It will be recorded and mastered in a studio.
Description:Surprise your child with his or her very own song! Commission me to create a song for your child's birthday that can be sung again and again! Include names, special events, favorite pastimes, and other passions your child pursues. This commission sample was written for a sunny little boy as he turned three years old. He was delighted to have his essence captured in a song and still wakes up with a smile on his face, running to catch the day!
Artist StatementI have been writing songs since I got my first guitar in middle school. When my first child was born, my songwriting efforts morphed into children's music. Now, I am often creating songs with or for the children and adults I work with. I believe strongly in the power of music to teach, nurture, and inspire!
Artist BiographyCathy Bollinger, board-certified music therapist and children’s songwriter/performer, has worked with children, for over 25 years. She has presented countless music workshops and assemblies for schools and organizations across the country. Cathy has produced eleven children’s CD’s which have been nationally recognized by Parent’s Choice Awards, American Library Association, and Parenting Magazine. In addition to presenting she teaches pre-school music and provides private and group music therapy.
Drexel University
What I Love Doing
In my spare time I love reading, hiking, enjoying time with family and friends, learning new things and going to places I've never been.
What I Find Beautiful
I've always found relationships to be beautiful. Whether connection comes through conversation, shared activities like music, or the smile of a child, these are the precious things.
My Favorite Memory
My favorite memories are the births of my three children. When my first child was born, the babies were kept in the nursery and brought down to the rooms every few hours. I still remember the sound of the squeaky wheels as the nurses rolled the babies down the hall to their mothers. I remember thinking I hadn't felt this excited since awaiting Santa's arrival as a young child.
My Favorite Art Style
Ever since my days in Paris I have loved french impressionists.
As for music, I grew up listening to James Taylor, Carol King, and Joni Mitchell and still love folk music. The blend of well crafted lyrics and interesting melody lines pulls my attention to a song. I also love soul and motown.
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