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Dimensions:28"  x 30"
Weight:5 lbs
Delivery Format:2D Artwork
Additional Description:The bright pink flamingoes seem to glow in contrast to the dark, rainy scene in the background. This painting is oil on linen and includes a thin white frame.
Vacation is a time of escape. Run away from it all. Stick phony flamingoes in the yard. Dance in the rain.
Artist StatementMy collage-based work re-contextualizes found and personal images to form narratives reminiscent of life expectations, outcomes, and potential. I gather reference materials from contemporary and vintage sources and am interested in how our exposure to these media images affects our perception of our own lives. I strive to keep the work open to interpretation while wrapped in nostalgia, curiosity, and desire, among other emotions.
Artist BiographySerena Stevens has shown art nationwide in a variety of group, juried, and solo shows. She grew up in Southeast Iowa, and has since lived in California, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and now Iowa City, where she is studying for her Master of Fine Arts degree as an Iowa Arts Fellow. She has received awards and recognition including: FRESH 2D award winner for emerging artists in Los Angeles, the Grand Prize in the Annual Contemporary Art Survey at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, Colorado, inclusion in the 8th Semiannual Dave Bown Projects and has been featured in Execute Magazine and Amadeus Magazine (coming out in late January.)
Laguna College of Art and Design
Western Illinois University|Graduated
Southeastern Community College|Graduated
What I Love Doing
I grew up on the Mississippi River and love being around water; I could spend all of my days basking in the sun on any beach. I adore animals and spend lots of time cuddling my dog, Twix, and my cats, Oliver and Patrick. I like staying up late and sleeping in, traveling to new places, seeing and experiencing new things, and while I don't like exercising, I do love dancing. I'm always listening to music in my studio, and occasionally take breaks to move my body to it.
What I Find Beautiful
Formal concerns in art that are ever prevalent in life: light, color, shape. Human expression and experience: love, sexuality, happiness, sadness. The innocence of youth, the wisdom of old-age, big cities, green countrysides, a clear night's sky, or a stormy night's sky, sunsets and the usual things. ...most things, really.
My Favorite Memory
I once went on a snorkel trip that stayed out after dark. Snorkelers, like myself, stayed on top of the water shining lights down, and scuba-divers went to the bottom to shine lights up, creating a tunnel of light. This light attracted plankton, and the plankton attracted manta rays, with wingspans twice as wide as I was tall at the time. They would do these backflips up to the surface of the water where one came belly to belly with me. It was so surreal and an unforgettable experience.
My Favorite Art Style
I love so many different kinds of art and admire so many artists for so many reasons; inspiration is everywhere!
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Artwork Medium Oil
Artwork Underlying Themes Aging Gracefully, Change, Friendship, Hope, Inner Strength, Life - circle of life, Life - accumulation of experiences, Life-altering experience, Loss, Love for a - child, Love for a - other family member, Love for a - friend, Love for a - parent, Love for a - partner, Love for a - pet, Love for a - place, Nature - as beauty, Nature - simplicity of, Optimism, Perseverance, Progress, Reassurance, Renewal, Success
Creative Style Photorealism, Pop, Realism, Whimsical
Collections No
Recipient Coach, Colleague, Child, Couple, Grandparent, Family Members, Friend, Parent, Teen, Teacher, Significant Other
Personality Type Animal Lovers, Art Lovers, City Slickers, Intellectuals, Nature Lovers
Subject Matter Animals, People