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Description:Have a favorite family story? Something strange and hardly explicable in your past? A funny event you'd like to tell and retell for years to come?

I'll take your story and turn it into a poem that preserves the tone and events of the original while giving it a memorable and fun presentation. I'll communicate with you so you can let me know if you want me to take artistic liberties or be utterly faithful to the truth and nothing but the truth.
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Artist StatementPoetry lets you break language down to its simplest pieces, then pick and choose among them to construct a package for your ideas and themes. I tend to write for teachers and children – partly a side effect of being an elementary school teacher – though I do write for all audiences as well. I love working on interesting requests.
Artist BiographyI am a poet and educator based in Philadelphia, PA. Originally from Charlottesville, VA, I have lived in Philadelphia for nearly a decade and am currently a 4th grade teacher in Philadelphia public schools. In my off time, I direct a summer camp in the mountains of North Carolina. I am a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), and have written over 200 poems.
University of Pennsylvania|Graduated
Swarthmore College|Graduated
What I Love Doing
Other than writing? I love inventing meals, playing music with friends, and spending time in the mountains. I'm a dedicated activist for public education, and spend a lot of time working with teachers, parents, and community members standing up for public schools.
What I Find Beautiful
Community is the heart of everything for me. I am inspired and made joyful when I am in the presence of people coming together in common cause, mutual support, and love.
My Favorite Memory
Three trees along the banks of a creek, their trunks joining to create a gently contoured backrest. Because I once found this spot, I remember that I can find peace. Because only one tree remains, I remember appreciation for the transient. Because I left it covered in bug bites, I remember that nature wasn't created for me, and it's my duty to find perfection in it anyway.
My Favorite Art Style
Art is about experience, and I love theatre that takes advantage of the in-person, in-the-moment nature of theatrical performance to create a performance that truly experiential. If you've never been to a theatre production that allows you to walk around or make decisions about how to interact with it, then I hope you will someday soon.
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