The Pleasant Ridge Swing | Sculpture

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Dimensions:5"  x 3.25"  x 2.5"
Delivery Format:3D Artwork
Additional Description:Material: Copper, sterling silver, low-fire ceramic paint.

Note: The swing is kinetic and will swing when gently pushed.

Process: This is all hand fabricated, cut by hand and soldered using a torch with flame. If you want it in a different color than red, please contact me and I can place an option for you individually for a commission.
The Pleasant Ridge Swing is meant to bring a meditative energy with it. One singular experience that almost every child had was with a swing set. My favorite memory was going to a school playground with my parents during summer walks, running down a big hill, and losing time on the swing set. This work is a little reminder of that freedom.
Artist StatementI look at my pieces as individual time capsules: vessels containing meaning and memories. Nostalgia, place, interaction, and ritual are all facets I incorporate within the work. Each sculpture is carefully planned but I allow the material to direct me while I am working . I make objects that to me are the “everyday extraordinary.” These are moments with objects we tend to overlook which shape us and make us, moments I am passionate about making small-scale monuments for.
Artist BiographyAmber is an award winning studio artist practicing in small-scale sculpture and art jewelry, she has been working with metal for the last decade. In 2013 she placed for the Halstead Grant, Business Planning and Silver Design. Amber has exhibited in numerous fine craft shows such as The Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show, American Craft Council Shows, and Art+Design in Richmond, VA. In 2016 she was named a "30 Under 30 Rising Star" by American Craft Week.
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor|Graduated
What I Love Doing
I love capturing a narrative in metal. I love making parts move with mechanisms I fabricate from hand. I love talking to people about their own history and how something I have created sparks an old memory.
What I Find Beautiful
I find the natural patterns (patina) that occurs on metal after being heated under flame to be beautiful. I also find a full cup of tea paired with a record player playing to be beautiful.
My Favorite Memory
My favorite memory spans across many years- which is all the time I took to sit on a front porch swing with my Grandpa.
My Favorite Art Style
Not surprisingly, I love craftsman and mission style art/craft. I also love surrealism.
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Additional Information

Artwork Medium Metal
Artwork Underlying Themes Change, Childhood, Growing Up, Hope, Inner Strength, Life - coming of age, Life - accumulation of experiences, Life-altering experience, Optimism, Perseverance
Creative Style Modern, Traditional, Vintage, Whimsical
Collections For Her, Mother's Day, Petite Pieces, Summer Stories
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