Here's what artists are saying about StoriesToArt...

  • John Boettcher
    john "StoriesToArt is a great fit for me because it isn't time consuming. Their artist support team literally helped me create an account, write my bio and artist statement, upload images, write stories, gave me tips for pricing my work, and synced my email with the one they gave me. I've already made several sales and find that process super easy, too.

    I get an email saying my work wold, then 1) I hop on the internet to get my shipping costs, 2) go to my StoriesToArt account, print a packing slip and enter the tracking info and cost to ship, and 3) ship my art. That's it. Oh, and I like that it's only fine artists being represented."
  • Padmaja Madhu
    padmaja "When I came across StoriesToArt I was simply thrilled! I have always been fond of telling stories through most of my art, and I could relate to the site instantly. Each time I visit the site the home page looks new and interesting, and I can feel the passion and hard work behind the team.

    The support that I have received is wonderful, with a personal touch that makes all the difference. Their uniqueness is striking with the opportunity for art lovers to turn their personal stories into art, thus transforming emotional experiences into keepsakes. I wish them great success!"