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Dimensions:9"  x 9"
Weight:0 lbs 1 oz
Delivery Format:3D Artwork
Additional Description:This is a pencil study of a subject's face where the symmetry and curves were focal points that defined the features.
I was exploring the shapes that are consistent in everyone's face, and how they play and interact together to create the beauty of portraiture.
Artist StatementI am happy to share my work with whomever is moved and feels love through it, because that is my message - to follow our hearts, see the beauty in life around us, and feel confident to express our joy through what we do and share.
Artist BiographyChristine Columbo learned how to draw before she learned how to read. Her artistic father gave her lessons starting at 5 years old after noticing she did not draw like other children, but rather with the focus and concentration of a trained artist drawing from life.


After receiving an undergraduate degree in Art at SCNJ, she worked in NYC for the next 10 years as a computer graphics artist, eventually doing a masters degree program in Art and Philosophy at NYU. Hoping her studies at NYU would help cultivate her own voice and message with which to express herself as a fine artist, she was surprised to find a very different calling at the end of her studies. Following her heart, in 1997 she "walked out of her life," and for the next 19 years lived as a monastic. In 2016 Christine moved to Crestone, Colorado, and began drawing and painting again with a new perspective on life, love and art.
NYU - Gallatin Masters Program|Graduated
What I Love Doing
painting and drawing
What I Find Beautiful
nature, monasteries, family, friends, spiritual guides, watercolor paintings, all art, good books, good food
My Favorite Memory
One of the most impactful memories was of a friend that came to see me in a dream and gave me the message -
live your life through your heart, you will not see me for a long time, i love you. The next morning I received news he had died unexpectedly and I've tried to follow his advice since.
My Favorite Art Style
In art, I love representational portraits and landscapes.
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Artwork Medium Pencil
Artwork Underlying Themes Beauty
Creative Style Figurative , Portraiture, Realism, Traditional
Collections No
Recipient No
Personality Type No
Subject Matter People, Portrait