StoriesToArt Gives Back


StoriesToArt Gives Back fosters creativity and collaboration among students and StoriesToArt artists, poets and/or songwriters as they turn stories into art. StoriesToArt Gives Back does this by awarding grants to charitable organizations wishing to turn their stories into art with the help of hired StoriesToArt artists, poets, and/or songwriters who have chosen to participate in StoriesToArt Gives Back.

StoriesToArt Gives Back is supported through our initiative, which enables consumers to either purchase pre-existing artworks displayed on our website or commission exclusive pieces of art, music or poetry directly inspired by their stories. Artists receive a 60% commission, as well as an unprecedented opportunity to build a following via the site. allocates 5% of its profits to StoriesToArt Gives Back to support arts education, as well as all profits from designated activities such as sales of StoriesToArt t-shirts and mugs. Shop here to support art education. We also facilitate personal and corporate donations of $250 or more through StoriesToArt Gives Back using a charitable Donor Advised Fund created for this purpose.

The StoriesToArt Gives Back Advisory Board, comprised of artists, writers and educators, is committed to arts education – particularly in-school programs that encourage and reinforce the bonds between imagination, self-expression and world citizenry. The Advisory Board oversees StoriesToArt Gives Back and reviews grant submissions two times per year.

See how StoriesToArt Gives Back in this short video.

For more information about donating or applying for a grant, please see our FAQs. Please go here for more information about becoming a StoriesToArt Gives Back artist.

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