StoriesToArt Gives Back

StoriesToArt Gives Back

StoriesToArt Gives Back, our non-profit initiative, awards grants to charitable organizations wishing to turn their stories into art with the help of hired StoriesToArt artists, poets, and/or songwriters who have chosen to participate in StoriesToArt Gives Back.

For more information about donating or applying for a grant, please see our FAQs.

Click here for more information about becoming a StoriesToArt Gives Back artist.

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We invite you to support arts education by purchasing t-shirts, mugs and more featuring artwork by advisory board member Michael Fitts on the StoriesToArt Marketplace. All profits from the StoriesToArt Marketplace sales are donated to support arts education.

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Non-profit partners

We partner with non-profit organizations that empower people to be gainfully employed in the arts. Non-profit organizations that we have chosen to represent receive an 85% commission on all sales of artwork by their artists.

You can keep these artists working by purchasing artwork from any of the non-profit organizations featured on

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Grants commitee

The StoriesToArt Gives Back Advisory Board's Grants Committee reviews grant submissions two times per year.

Please contact

for examples of past, awarded grant applications.

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Advisory Board Members

We also facilitate personal and corporate donations of $250 or more through StoriesToArt Gives Back using a charitable Donor Advised Fund created for this purpose. Please see our Community Giving FAQs.

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