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Dimensions:60"  x 42"  x 2"
Weight:10 lbs
Delivery Format:2D Artwork
Additional Description:Paintings with a light source start with a charcoal sketch on plain linen, followed by primer only under the character itself and only partially around his or her environment. The surrounding is left without solid paint where the remaining areas the light can go through. The changes in the background of the painting create new visual experiences; it mimics different versions of our memories of the same event.
In Wicker park’s Milwaukee avenue, she was catching a probably well-needed smoke break in the Chicago winter's cold. I was stunned seeing this shop girl dressed for mid-spring, while her skin was turning bright pink from the cruel weather; none the less she displayed confidence and an overwhelming self awareness.
In the shop window I also present a scene where the painting was created—what I saw from my studio’s window through the painting.
Artist StatementThe line between humor and pity is thin. It is the humor, and at times the ridiculous, that inspires and surfaces in my work, and which depicts an obscenely drawn-out, fleeting moment. Themes revolve around the choices that I see people make; the substance emerges from internal peace or disarray to utter indifference and self-absorption. The imagery is not shy of the grotesque or satirical exaggerations. The scenes are erected from memory, imagination, idealization and illusion. In my process, I rely on the organic dialogue between the paint as the matter and the instinct as the guiding force. Abstractions in the details are responsible for the painting’s vibrant presence. Colors, shapes, features and gestures are rather symbolic elements, mere references to give familiar clues to tell my story. This common visual-vocabulary in the subconscious leads the viewer to interpret my work as immediate and personally relevant.
Artist BiographyAn art scholarship brought Zsófia to the United States from Hungary in 1994. While earning her BA degree in Art and Theater, she studied fiber art at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. She received her formal studio training at Studio '91 lead by Rita Kopek in Budapest. The unique treatment of color in her work evolved at the loom, by joining her mother in weaving traditional Gobelin tapestries from an early age on.
She directed her focus to painting in 1999, ever since than she has been actively participating in the Chicago art world with her figurative paintings. Her works have been exhibited in the United States, Hungary and Italy.
The sensibility of the homeland remains the core of her understanding of the world. Her paintings are of people she observes. Movements and postures merge to make a character, a distinction that seems to be part of a pattern she recognizes.
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Additional Information

Artwork Medium Acrylic
Artwork Underlying Themes Beauty, Renewal
Creative Style Figurative , Impressionism, Portraiture
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Personality Type No
Subject Matter People