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Dimensions:20"  x 20"  x 1.5"
Weight:5 lbs
Delivery Format:2D Artwork
Additional Description:This piece is an abstracted rendition of my house. I intended to use high contrasting colors to highlight my house's charming architectural details.
My life is centered around my house. My house that is located on the street that I always dreamed of, and it houses my family that I love more than I could ever describe. On the other hand, my neighborhood is bland and homogenous and my family has stolen the little autonomy that I felt, once upon a time.
Artist StatementMy acrylic paintings on canvas examine common subject matter that I find extraordinary. I use primitive line work to compose elegant forms with bold hues and challenging color combinations. My intent is to express the essence of my subjects without much extraneous detail. Many of my pieces are inspired by real events, while others are expressions of imagination. While I have historically used animals as the main subjects of my artwork, I have recently used human figures as the main subjects in my work. I am currently most inspired by my children and the picture books that we read together.
Artist BiographyWhile Jessica Roller spent her childhood loving to draw, she began painting fifteen years ago briefly after graduating college with a degree in Philosophy, getting married, and adopting two kittens. Her fascination with her two new kittens inspired her to begin experimenting with paint. After several years, Jessica developed her unique style that she confidently began to exhibit in juried gallery shows across the country. She also spent 3 years participating in many art fairs and festivals. Jessica also exhibited her art in several solo and group gallery shows. Jessica is also represented by UGallery which has given her many opportunities to exhibit and sell art nationally. Jessica's work was very successful at the Affordable Art Fair in NYC and received press in the Washington Post. Several of Jessica's paintings are permanently on display at Dayton Children's Hospital. Jessica has painted over 1000 paintings and hundreds of those have made it to walls across the country.
University of Cincinnati|Graduated
What I Love Doing
I love spending time doing anything with my husband and two children. I love cooking and caring for my family. I love to run and go on slow, relaxing bike rides and swim on hot summer days. I love decorating my home. I love walking to get coffee. I love drinking wine. I love petting my cat.
What I Find Beautiful
I find my children and husband most beautiful. I find cats beautiful. I find oak trees especially beautiful. I think my house is beautiful. I think green trees against a blue sky on a summer day is beautiful.
My Favorite Memory
Sitting on a fluffy white chair with my sleeping baby on a particularly lovely summer day.
My Favorite Art Style
Picture book illustrations
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Artwork Medium Acrylic
Artwork Underlying Themes Change, Family, Life - accumulation of experiences, Love for a - place, Motherhood
Creative Style Children's Art, Folk/Primitive
Collections No
Recipient No
Personality Type No
Subject Matter Animals, Architecture