Rosy Sapphire Pendant | Jewelry

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Medium:Gemstone, Metal, Precious Metal
Dimensions:1.5"  x 1"
Weight:0 lbs 1 oz
Delivery Format:3D Artwork
Additional Description:Three rustic faceted pink sapphires are complimented by two silver fleur di lis and a custom assembled Pastiche chain.

Sapphire is the stone associated with September babies, and the stylized lily of the fleur de lis has it's roots in the French coat of arms. A hidden heart is pierced on the back.

This hangs 17" around the neck with a pendant drop of about 1.5".

I discovered these flat backed, faceted sapphires on Instagram and knew I had to make something luscious with them. My love of historical jewels led me to create a pendant that speaks to the regal spirit in all of us.
Artist StatementHumans have always been intrigued by the civilizations that came before. From Napoleon’s obsession with Egyptian artifacts to the Cabinets of Curiosity favored by the Victorians, to today’s fascination with found object art, historical dramas, and the evidence of surface wear and rust known as ‘Shabby Chic’.

My personal focus is on the disconnect I see between a lovely but superficial view of the past and the less than romantic reality of life in former eras. The filter some of us use to blur the line between thrilling battles or sumptuous clothing and history’s cruel laws, poverty and naive medical practices inspires me to explore this concept through the materials I use to construct my jewels.

Vintage photographs are often set beneath high domed quartz to accentuate the fact that perception is often distorted when one doesn’t look at the whole picture. Tiny reliquaries and scent bottles remind us that hidden content may be more intriguing than visible context.
Artist BiographyBorn and raised in Los Angeles, Lora Hart moved to historic Richmond, Virginia in 2012. An artist inspired by historic imagery, Lora's small studiolo is an always changing cabinet of curiosity, populated by found objects, architectural photographs, and little containers filled with colorful gems, antique buttons and otherwise forgotten objects that often spark her creative imagination. Her work has been featured in books, magazines, and calendars and her jewels are sold in galleries and online. As a designer, educator, and creativity coach, Lora's passion for the art and business of jewelry making has taken her across the United States to help other makers explore their own passions, develop their craft and expand their skills.
What I Love Doing
I love that I'm able to create, inspire others, and live a life I enjoy.
What I Find Beautiful
Beauty, being in the eye of the beholder, is an ever changing experience. What may have gone unnoticed yesterday, is a favorite form today.
My Favorite Memory
My favorite memories are those that bring a curve to my lips.
My Favorite Art Style
All artistic styles and forms are beautiful. There's always something to discover and enjoy.
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Subject Matter Necklace
Personality Type No
Recipient No
Artwork Medium Gemstone, Metal, Precious Metal
Creative Style Chunky, Other
Collections Art from the Heart, For Her, Mother's Day
Artwork Underlying Themes Beauty, Love for a - friend, Love for a - parent, Love for a - partner, Motherhood, Success