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Medium:Gemstone, Metal
Dimensions:7"  x 7"  x .4"
Weight:0 lbs 1 oz
Delivery Format:3D Artwork
Additional Description:Materials: Garnet, tourmaline, oxidized sterling silver.

Created in Brooklyn, NY. 2015
Tourmaline is one of my favorite stones! The colors are beautiful! The garnets, set in oxidized sterling silver, are all hinged together to create an undulating effect that moves with the body as well as functions as the clasp.
Artist StatementMy work combines organic found objects and fabricated metal elements to preserve and display the most ephemeral aspects of life. Captivated with biophilia, I collect and compose items from nature in an attempt to observe our universal mortality. I am not interested in re-creating the "likeness" of these specimens in my work. Instead, I am interested in sustaining the fleeting beauty found in nature. I am the artist as alchemist; transforming organic material directly into precious metal; breathing new life into organic specimens that would otherwise decay. As these specimens are taken out of context, I construct a home for them to live outside of their natural environment. They become objects of curiosity.

Adorning the body with these unique yet familiar objects allows me to create an intimate dialogue between the wearer and those who find their curiosity piqued. By drawing people into this conversation, we acknowledge our interconnectedness with nature and each other.
Artist BiographyAlexandra Lozier is a metal and glass artist currently working and residing in Brooklyn, NY.

In January 2012, she opened her own silversmithing/jewelry studio, Touch of Gray. The studio serves as her home base where she creates her artwork, as well as provides emerging jewelry artists the necessary tools and equipment to make their work in a creative atmosphere. Alexandra also works part-time as a glassblowing instructor.

She graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA in 2010 with a BFA in Crafts, concentration in metals and glass. She was awarded Excellence in Jewelry at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show and received a Fellowship from the Creative Glass Center of America at Wheaton Arts in 2015. Alex has also received scholarships to attend Penland School of Craft, Pilchuck Glass School, Pittsburgh Glass Center, and the Glass Art Society Conference in Louisville, KY.
University of the Arts|Graduated
What I Love Doing
When I am not in the studio, I love being outside, hiking, yoga, organic vegetables, traveling, and enjoying a glass of wine with friends and family.
What I Find Beautiful
Nature!!! I love the beauty found in nature; everything from a beautiful landscape, to the vastness of the cosmos, to the microscopic community of cells that make up our bodies and everything in between!
My Favorite Memory
Oh it is so hard to choose just one!!!
My Favorite Art Style
Art Nouveau! Lalique is my art jewelry hero!
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Additional Information

Subject Matter No
Personality Type No
Recipient No
Artwork Medium Gemstone, Metal
Creative Style Contemporary/Transitional, Eclectic
Collections Art from the Heart
Artwork Underlying Themes Beauty, Life - circle of life, Nature - as beauty