On Repeat (Barrel Chair) | Mixed Media (2D)

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Dimensions:4"  x 4"  x 1.5"
Weight:1 lbs
Delivery Format:2D Artwork
Additional Description:This piece is on gessoed panel, ready to hang. Along with acrylic and ball point pen, the seat fabric is from our well-worn hammock and the background is a linen that belonged to my grandmother. It was created at the end of 2017.
This piece was made after a number of works on paper of the pair of barrel chairs in my sitting room. I'm interested here in returning to the same idea, the same memory, the same object. I'm repeating a drawing, seeing the shapes again and again, moving them into different sequences.
Artist StatementPredominant in my work over the past year are imagery of interior spaces and the reoccurring pod shape. Interior space imagery includes that of bowls, chairs, caned and woven chair seats, tables, rugs, and quilts.

An heirloom rocking chair in need of restoration was my inspiration to learn to cane, which evolved into an ongoing series of paintings and mixed media works investigating the forms and textures of chairs. These are not simply chairs, but symbols of a complex and ongoing narrative. Chairs have immediate and personal connections to our everyday lives. They can be functional and efficient, a place to rest, a place for conversation, a place to eat, or a treasured heirloom that evokes and preserves memories. My work personifies these chairs, each with its own feeling or presence. Some appear stronger, more purposeful, and upright. Others seem more sensual, graceful and poetic, but they are all made of broken, discarded, used materials.
Artist BiographyAshley Sauder Miller lives with her husband and four children in Harrisonburg, VA. She earned undergraduate degrees from Hesston College (Kansas) and Eastern Mennonite University and her Master of Fine Arts from James Madison University with an emphasis in painting and drawing.

Miller was a finalist for the 2017 William and Dorothy Yeck purchase award in the Young Painters Competition at Miami University. She was a participant in An Artist Residency in Motherhood in conjunction with a local grant though the Arts Council of the Valley in Harrisonburg, Va. She received the Best in Show Award at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art's Boardwalk Show in 2016 and was selected for a solo exhibition at VaMOCA's satellite gallery in 2017. She is an artist participant and curator for the 10x10x100 project for Eastern Mennonite University's 2017 Centennial Celebration.
James Madison University|Graduated
Eastern Mennonite University|Graduated
What I Love Doing
Spending time with my family, travel, go to beach, and work in my studio.
What I Find Beautiful
My kids. Peace and quiet. Things that are falling apart.
My Favorite Memory
Some of my favorite memories aren't really all that specific, but many of them come from someplace in my grandmother's house. I spent a lot of time in her kitchen, she was always baking and cooking, I was always eating something yummy. Once my cousin and I buried our sweet potatoes by the back door so that we could have dessert.
My Favorite Art Style
I have a really broad range of styles of art that I can appreciate...I have to come back to this question.
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