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Available Styles:Figurative , Impressionism
Delivery Format:2D Artwork
Weight:10 lbs
Description:Send me a photo of the place where you and your family had an outing and enjoyed yourselves and I will capture the memory in an impressionistic oil painting.
Artist StatementMy mission as an artist is to capture the beauty of nature and translate it through my paintings to those who see them.
Artist BiographyI was born in Dayton, OH April 27, 1934. At age 29, I moved from Ohio to Connecticut to study painting with impressionist master, Bernard Lennon. Since that time I've built my career as an impressionist painter selling mainly through outdoor shows and winning many prizes.
Ohio State University|Graduated
What I Love Doing
Studying Science
What I Find Beautiful
All of nature
My Favorite Memory
Good times with my teacher
My Favorite Art Style
($450.00 deposit charged upon purchase, Balance of $450.00 due upon shipment) Payment Terms
Ready to ship within 2-4 Months
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Artwork Medium Oil
Subject Matter People
Personality Type Athletic, City Slickers, Intellectuals, Music Lovers, Nature Lovers
Recipient Coach, Colleague, Child, Couple, Grandparent, Family Members, Friend, Parent, Teen, Teacher, Significant Other
Collections No
Creative Style Figurative , Impressionism
Artwork Underlying Themes No
Sound Quality No