Odalesque Number 9 | Ceramics

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Dimensions:16"  x 25"  x 1"
Weight:8 lbs
Delivery Format:2D Artwork
Additional Description:Ceramic and tile like. I use porcelain clay and add glazes, slips and other decorating material, not necessarily all ceramic. Sometimes glass or metal or even a found object. I find using faces with differing expressions can be endlessly derivative for some kind or open-ended story.
I really like some artists, like Matisse or Ryman-so my work is kind of derivative. I am working at establishing some kind of understanding of what I like and what I can do.
Artist StatementMy background is varied by design, which explains somewhat my varied use of materials and themes. I have degrees in both science and fine art and I have worked in both fields. Recently I have retired from over 30 years working in Emergency Medicine as a PA. My immediate plans are to put in more hours at my studio and, as the coach of the Fourth Grade Girls Volleyball team, to win a few games. I do find the latter much tougher than the former.
Artist BiographyI have been working in the medium of ceramics for over 40 years. Most of my exhibitions and sales have been at Art Fairs and Festivals. During this time I've received many rewards and honors. My latest was First in Show at the 2017 Saugatuck Invitational Art Fair.
I have been involved in a few galleries, the last being "The Clay Gallery" in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Michigan State University|Graduated
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor|Graduated
Eastern Michigan University|Graduated
Western Michigan University|Graduated
What I Love Doing
Lately, I've been spending my time gardening, mountain biking, playing squash when I can and reading. My latest "The Coldest Winter," David Halberstam. I am attracted to conflicts and in this case just survival in the most hostile situation imaginable.
What I Find Beautiful
Many things and situations, but the perfection of a right fielder throwing out a runner advancing to third base, is right up there at the top for me.
My Favorite Memory
My favorite memory today would go back to my years of playing baseball. I played on a very competitive team that was involved in an important game. My skills at that time were something less than mediocre and so I was regulated to playing right field. Then the week before the game, I was prescribed my first pair of glasses, as that turned out to be one of the causes of my mediocrity. So in the course of the game, I somehow caught a game saving drive, and I gained 8 very impressed new friends.
My Favorite Art Style
Abstract Expressionism is first, as in a certain unfinished crudeness can be very emotionally expressive. Dadaism combined with Existential themes also pulls me into a more everyday reality of experience. The spirituality that is contained in early Iconographic images. I do not affiliate with any religion, but the sort of beat-up quality of these reverential images strikes me profoundly. Then the unexpected kiln results that become perfect when completed by a master Japnese potter like Hamada.
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Artwork Medium Porcelain
Artwork Underlying Themes Beauty, Life - accumulation of experiences
Creative Style Expressionism, Figurative
Collections Irresistible Art
Recipient No
Personality Type No
Subject Matter People