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Available Styles:Narrative, Photorealism, Portraiture
Delivery Format:2D Artwork
Weight:5 lbs
Description:Commission me to create an oil painting on heavy canvas (all professional quality), a unique work of art using references (images, story, preferences) provided, designed and created uniquely in the bold, colorful style that is my best as an artist.
Artist StatementThe inspiration for my art comes from life – an encounter, a moment captured or a glimpse of something undefined. I love to translate these things into created works that speak to the heart of a viewer.
Artist BiographyMy name is Cora Smith and I am a self taught artist. I established the Kyrie Gallery in 2004 to showcase my work and create a place for art in my rural area. The motto is "Art for Life" and my goal has been to produce work that touches lives and makes connections. I began doing commissioned portrait work in 1989 (it continues to be a passion for me) and around the portrait work, I began to pursue other forms of expression, including abstract art & sculpture. I value every opportunity to create!
self taught
What I Love Doing
Every moment in life is a gift we should use wisely. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my children and now my grandchildren - there is no greater joy than that! I am an artist by God's design and am most passionate about creating art. Another great love is music. I enjoy playing as well as listening to all kinds - the piano since childhood and more recently, a bit of violin. My third passion is horses; mine help me stay active and bring a sense of adventure to my life.
What I Find Beautiful
For me, the greatest beauty in life comes through relationships, first with God and then with the wonderful people around us - parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren, couples - there is no greater thing to give or receive than unconditional love.
My Favorite Memory
It's hard to pick an absolute favorite memory. One of mine is time on a hill with a group of young people at a music event. There were hundreds of groups on the hill - thousands of people - it was evening, there were stars and everyone was given a candle to hold while the music played. I am a child of the seventies and a fan of community and unity. It was very cool.
My Favorite Art Style
Like a favorite memory, a favorite art style is difficult to choose - there is beauty in every form of art. For me, abstract/surreal art has become my favorite form of expression, but always I am drawn to realism. A well done realistic painting has a look and feel that is unmatched (even by photography) and creates a tangible presence. When that is the case, realism is my favorite.
($1,350.00 deposit charged upon purchase, Balance of $1,350.00 due upon shipment) Payment Terms
Ready to ship within 1-2 Months
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Artwork Medium Oil
Subject Matter People
Personality Type No
Recipient No
Collections Irresistible Art
Creative Style Narrative, Photorealism, Portraiture
Artwork Underlying Themes No
Sound Quality No