Nanette and her Red Balloon | Glass

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Medium:Etching/Engraving, Glass
Dimensions:16"  x 11"
Weight:0 lbs 9 oz
Delivery Format:3D Artwork
Additional Description:Articulated stained glass piece for hanging on wall or window. This piece features two hangers, one for Nanette, and one for her balloon, so that you can pose her in any way that works for your space. She is painted with glass powder paint that i mix myself, which is then kiln fired, so all the details you see are also glass, and can never be removed.
A red balloon is the celebration of success and progress, of achievements, wishes and dreams.
Artist StatementMore than anything, I love medium and process. The more complicated the medium, the more challenging it is to create an object, and the more interested I am. Glass offers endless methods of application, endless variation. Stained glass, however, has not been explored much. There is a lot of uncharted territory in stained glass and that I'm very much interested in exploring.

Artist BiographyGenevieve Geer is a Philadelphia based artist working in glass, metal, film and textiles. Originally from Massachusetts, she attended Parsons School of Design for Illustration and The Museum School in Boston for film and animation. She moved to NYC soon after graduating and worked as a freelance prop fabricator over the next few years. When she relocated to Philadelphia in 2007, she began to experiment with hot glass. She ran a local public access glass studio for a year before taking a 2 year glass apprenticeship in New Jersey. There she developed her blown glass skills, but was also introduced to casting, kiln forming and flat glass techniques. Returning to Philly and she and her husband built a studio in their Kensington home, and she started to work with different glass processes before landing on stained glass. In this one medium she found a meeting place for her training in illustration, animation and hot glass.
Parsons the New School for Design
School of the Museum of Fine Arts - Boston|Graduated
What I Love Doing
Working in my studio
What I Find Beautiful
Old Japanese Prints, Old Soviet Propaganda Posters, Silk screen prints,
Boston ferns, Japanese textiles, Folkwear that incorporates embroidery, my husband's sculptures, Koo-Koo Clocks, anything by Yuko Shimizu the illustrator, Frida Kahlo's house.
My Favorite Memory
I have a terrible memory!
My Favorite Art Style
I really like anything printed, from newstype to linocut.
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Artwork Medium Etching/Engraving, Glass
Artwork Underlying Themes Aging Gracefully, Beauty, Change, Childhood, Faith - in self, Friendship, Hope, Inner Strength, Life-altering experience, Loss, Optimism, Overcoming - fear, Perseverance, Progress, Renewal, Success
Creative Style Children's Art, Whimsical
Collections No
Recipient Child, Teen
Personality Type Animal Lovers
Subject Matter Childhood, Fantasy, Fun & Games