My Breakfast Plate | Ceramics

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Medium:Earthenware, Pottery
Dimensions:6"  x 6"
Weight:0 lbs 11 oz
Delivery Format:3D Artwork
Additional Description:Clay. Wheel thrown plate with hand painted elements.
Part of my morning ritual: coffee and a bagel with cream cheese on my special plate.

Story by StoriesToArt
Artist StatementI have been working in clay for the last fifteen years, but have only been working professionally for the last three. In that time, I have had the time to learn and better explore the medium, and what it can do. I love how one can manipulate the clay particles into forms that stand on their own. I have been around clay all my life, basically growing up in a clay studio. Having been around this my whole life, and having a parent that also works in clay, has taught me so much.

When I started to develop this body of work, that I'm currently working on, it took a while to grasp the idea that this is what I would be doing for a while. I've been working to incorporate new imagery into the background of my work. My work is comprised of layers, I say that because, looking at it, it does have several layers to it. This gives the viewer lots to appreciate, when they take my work home to treasure.

I love the opportunity that pottery allows, to grow to be a better potter and learn new things.
Artist BiographyTria Turrou has been around clay her whole life. Tria grew up for the most part in the mountains of Western North Carolina, in a small artists community called Celo. Since moving to this area in the late nineties, Tria has grown as an artist. She is surrounded by artists who work in either the same medium, or a different one, such as glass blowing, jewelry, weaving, etc.

Tria has studied with accomplished potters in and around her area. studying with them, has really helped her grow to be a better potter.

Tria's work has been collected from many people in and around where she lives, these people continue to follow her work as it grows and develops.

Tria has participated in several regional shows, and has done quite well selling her work. She is also in several area galleries and continues to make work and keep these galleries supplied with new and updated work.

Tria is currently working on a successful body of work, and is working to further develop the direction it is going.
What I Love Doing
I love making pottery that people can buy and treasure in their homes. I love that I get to be an artist that can do that. I love creating new forms that I can make on the potters wheel and getting to decorate them.
What I Find Beautiful
Nature, color, the color green against a grey sky, long walks along the river. Fields full of flowers, the smell after a spring rain, fresh cut grass.

My Favorite Memory
My favorite memory would have to be visiting San Francisco for the first time. We went to the Red Wood forest, and spent a long time walking through the woods, in awe of the size of the trees. So tall and beautiful. The whole experience has stayed with me all these years.
My Favorite Art Style
I love the different firing techniques that potters use, if it's wood fired pottery, or salt, I love it all. I love painting as well. I love Jackson Pollock, Picasso, etc. I love working in my studio and listening to music,
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Subject Matter Animals, Nature
Personality Type No
Recipient No
Artwork Medium Earthenware, Pottery
Creative Style Folk/Primitive, Functional
Collections Art from the Heart, Spring Collection
Artwork Underlying Themes Love for a - parent, Love for a - partner, Love for a - pet, Nature - as beauty, Nature - simplicity of