Lidded Pot - 2802 | Ceramics

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Dimensions:10.5"  x 7.5"
Weight:4 lbs 1 oz
Delivery Format:3D Artwork
Additional Description:This wheel thrown decorative piece was hand painted with various slips and glazes and fired to cone 05 in an electric kiln. It can store dry goods but is not suited for wet or liquid materials.
This is one of a series of pieces inspired by large bells found in Buddhist temples in Japan.
Artist StatementMy immediate reaction to a beautiful piece is to touch it. It is an emotional reaction rather than analytical observation. I would like my pieces to cause the same kind of effect on the viewer.

Recently geometric patterns are increasingly becoming an essential part of my work; I think they are more controlled versions of patterns made by textured glazes I used to use often. Whether patterns are made of geometric shapes or textures, they possess the same quality as both patterns are made up of repeated simple images. There is something appealing to me that each shape by itself is not interesting at all but when repeated they create stimulating images.

Even though Art is increasingly becoming a theory oriented field and art objects becoming investment commodities, I consider my pieces as sensuous objects as I would like the viewer to feel them by both sight and touch. It would be my great pleasure if the viewer can enjoy and appreciate my work rather than understand it.
Artist BiographyKaname Takada is a professor in the School of Studio Arts at Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus, OH. His work is represented, among others, in the Columbus Metropolitan Library, Zanesville Art Center, Lamar Dodd Art Center, Ohio Craft Museum, University of Findley, and in a ceramic mural on CCAD's campus (Canzani Center). His work has exhibited in France, New Zealand, Japan, Austria and through out the U.S.
University of Notre Dame|Graduated
Columbus College of Art and Design|Graduated
What I Love Doing
I enjoy riding my bicycle in the dusk and seeing Sun rises in the early morning's crisp air.
What I Find Beautiful
I find beauty in, both organic and inorganic, natural forms and colors.
My Favorite Memory
First time visiting Yellow Stone National Park with my grandmother. As she and I both grew up on the coast of Pacific ocean, what we found there were amazing.
My Favorite Art Style
I really appreciate pieces made by Sodeisha ceramists like Kazuo Yagi and Osamu(Haru) Suzuki.
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Subject Matter Geometric, Other
Personality Type No
Recipient No
Artwork Medium Earthenware
Creative Style Modern
Collections No
Artwork Underlying Themes Beauty