Irridell, the Glistening Avimonte | Dolls & Miniatures

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Dimensions:26"  x 30"  x 12"
Weight:2 lbs
Delivery Format:3D Artwork
Additional Description:Sculptural leather fantasy avian with antler tip beak, extensive hand beading on chest, pierced leather wings,
wire armature to enable positioning, and a tail (not visible in photo)
to help the figure stand.
Irriidell's Legend:

"This graceful Avimonte recently ascended to leadership among his kind after demonstrating an especially graceful and artistic sunrise glide between the mount tops. Irridell carefully crafted the vest for the flight so that the sun's morning rays would reflect off the beading and bathe the regions in vibrant iridescent hues."

One day in the studio, I walked by a bag of gifted antler tips. "Beaks" I thought...and so the Avimonte species came to life.
Artist StatementEach of us sees life through our own web of experiences, passions and inclinations. As an artist I try to make sense of the world through story, practice and my hands. I tap into the swirling creative energy of the world, share it and encourage the creativity of others for the perspective and understanding it can bring to life.
Artist BiographyWendy Ellertson was born in San Francisco, CA and grew up in the Bay Area, Chicago and Cleveland. She holds degrees from Stanford University, Boston College and studied at the Cleveland Art Institute. She has been an active member of the fine craft community for over forty-five years, dancing around and through many media categories always accompanied by her figures which incorporate leather, clay, wood and a deliciously eclectic array of contemporary and ancient materials, techniques and dreams. She exhibits her work across the U.S. via major craft shows, galleries, and museum shows. As a member of the Interstitial Arts Foundation she enthusiastically supports border crossing work and storytelling in all its varied forms. Her studio and home are in Roxbury, an inner city neighborhood of Boston where she and her husband have lived for 50 years and raised their four children, occasionally some chickens and rabbits and always tomatoes.
Stanford University|Graduated
Boston College|Graduated
Cleveland Art Institute
What I Love Doing
Encouraging the creativity of others
Listening to live music - jazz, folk, Celtic, Cajun and more...
Creating stories with our grandchildren
Reading with children
Helping facilitate families creating together
Hiking in the mountains of Ecuador and the Western US
Collaborating with other artists and writers
Helping others connect with their passions
Marching with others for important issues
What I Find Beautiful
Children who feel they are truly "seen"
The crashing waves of the Pacific
Sunrise and sunset over the ocean....and in the city
Newly sprouted plants
Urban gardens
My Favorite Memory
As a child - standing in the ocean in Carmel, California, holding the hand of my Dad and uncle as strong waves crashed over us....feeling the adrenelin....knowing the surf could easily sweep me out to the sea, but at the same time knowing I was safe.
As an adult - being present at the birth of our grandson.
My Favorite Art Style
Interstitial - I love dancing in the in between.......and appreciate others who dance there as well...
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Artwork Medium No
Artwork Underlying Themes Inner Strength, Optimism, Renewal
Creative Style Surrealism, Whimsical
Collections No
Recipient No
Personality Type No
Subject Matter Animals