Hosta and Petals | Photography

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Dimensions:7"  x 5"
Delivery Format:2D Artwork
Additional Description:Printed 7x5, matted 10x8 signed. This large mature hosta has leaves so large it often collects rainwater. The water drains towards the stem and creates rivers on its way toward the ground.

Limited Edition Archival Print
Petals fall like snow in spring. Covering the ground, a wedding ceremony. Landing in Hosta leaves; Aprils rain puddles in places, it drips it drops it conceals and creates wonder.
Artist Statement East Village in Chicago Illinois is my Home. I search the side walks, curbs, alleys for light, texture and beauty. I spot color in the midst of grey winters. I delight in the hunt for beauty with a love for detail and landscape. The historical architecture in the area is prominent, I record it with photos, I study it’s nuances. East Village is my Home and it is ever changing. My hope is to record the beauty, character and diversity as I see it today.
Artist BiographySarah Suzanne Noble graduated from Ball State University with a Masters in Architecture in 2008. She has worked at several firms specializing in imagery, problem solving and design. Recently through a series of injuries, she has been bedridden and produced art in all varieties, seeking what is noble, lovely and pure.
Ball State University|Graduated
What I Love Doing
I love walking through a field deciding whether to stare down at the plants unfolding, the horizon glimmering or the sky effortlessly passing by. I love walking at dusk down our street and seeing all the homes with their lights on brightfully beaming with life and warmth. I love my family.
What I Find Beautiful
I find raindrops puddled on a leaf beautiful. I find the structure of plants from first bud to seed abundance beautiful. I find worn steps and chipping paint beautiful.
My Favorite Memory
My favorite memory is climbing barefoot up an apple tree in rural Indiana, then sitting there for hours “hidden” from the world dreaming and writing.
My Favorite Art Style
This is a tough question!! I am constantly changing. I do watercolor still life, then photograph abstract urban decay, then ink a perspective. I love it all.
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Artwork Medium Digital
Artwork Underlying Themes Beauty, Faith - comfort of having faith, Nature - as beauty, Nature - simplicity of, Reassurance, Renewal
Creative Style Abstract
Collections No
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Personality Type No
Subject Matter Flora, Nature