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Medium:Wood, Other
Dimensions:84"  x 96"  x 72"
Weight:1000 lbs
Delivery Format:3D Artwork
Additional Description:A Gateway Cottage set includes the cottage structure (with built-in dimmable lighting and a 110v power outlet), the round or cathedral door with wooden or heavy bronze hinges, the loft railings, the painted corner post carvings and the following interior furniture pieces:

• Convertible Desk / Open Shelf Unit
• Desk Chair
• Wall Shelf
• 2-Piece Corner Cabinet (with Lights)
• Exterior Ladder
• Sofa/Bed
• Side Table with Inlay
• Bookcase
• Corner Cabinet with Hidden Compartments
As a former teacher, I created Gateway cottages for children and adolescents who love creativity, and want a lifestyle of both contemplation and social interaction. A natural wood environment contributes to a feeling of warmth and great comfort. Loft railing sections and post carvings create a theme about birds - for the cottage shown. Other themes are available. Please contact the artist for details about other cottages and the delivery process.
Artist StatementI fell in love with the warmth and beauty of natural wood while earning my BFA (1975) and have built fine furniture ever since – always with playful designs, carving and inlaid features. After teaching for 2+ decades, my work became geared toward the ‘young at heart.’ Hidden compartments, relief-carved and painted panels, mechanical devices, all reach for a unique, interactive elegance that hopefully encourages others to step into their own creativity.
Artist BiographyBFA, University of Colorado, Boulder 1975 / Designed hardwood furniture, carving and inlay work in every piece, 1975 – present / Brendon and Anna born in 1980 and 1982, single parent from 1984 / Taught middle and elementary classrooms in mountain towns 1985 – 1993 / MA in Gifted Ed, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley 1994 / Taught Gifted Math and Science classrooms 1995 – 2006 / Owner, of Kinder Realm - Designing and building environments and furnishings for ‘young-at-heart’ 2007 - present
University of Colorado at Boulder|Graduated
University of Northern Colorado|Graduated
What I Love Doing
My work continues to bring me immense joy and gratification
Playing with my grand daughter
Watching heart-warming movies
Reading epic fantasy and spiritual treatises
Hiking our Colorado mountains with my Lady Anne
Listening to classical and other inspired music
Contemplating awareness
What I Find Beautiful
My grand daughter’s smile
My daughter’s laughter
My son’s architectural designs
The Lady Anne’s wisdom
Thunderstorms over the high mountains
Love in all its many facets
The fact of Being
My Favorite Memory
At 65, there are hundreds - seeing my children first take breath, first seeing the ocean, etc … but I’ll focus on my son’s gift of a motorcycle tour – just we two – through the Himalayas in northern India. We rented bikes in Manali and drove 700+ miles over several 16,000 and 18,000 foot passes, to Leh and then down the Ganges River to Srinagar. Terrifying at times, dodging ancient trucks on broken, dirt roads with sheer drop-offs. Heavenly too, to connect with Brendon as we’d never done before.
My Favorite Art Style
Style here is singular and so nearly impossible to answer as I love true Art, true creativity in its thousands of genres and styles. I’ll brave being comprehensive, however, and say the Art of living with an outlook of awe and gratitude … Awe surrounding the very fact of Being and gratitude for the separate awareness to be a witness.
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Artwork Medium Wood, Other
Artwork Underlying Themes Aging Gracefully, Childhood, Faith - in self, Family, Friendship, Growing Up, Inner Strength, Life - coming of age, Life - accumulation of experiences, Love for a - child, Love for a - friend, Love for a - place, Nature - as beauty, Nature - simplicity of, Optimism, Success
Creative Style Children's Art, Contemporary/Transitional
Collections No
Recipient No
Personality Type No
Subject Matter Childhood, Fantasy, Fun & Games, Other