Friday Night | Sculpture

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Dimensions:18.75"  x 11.75"  x 16.5"
Weight:52 lbs
Delivery Format:3D Artwork
Additional Description:Bronze: Limited Edition of 10. (ship time varies depending on production, confirm with artist)
He's been playing at 5th & Elm by the docks on Friday nights forever. No one knows his name. In all that time, no one has ever heard him speak. Not words anyway. His voice is the soulful, thought-provoking notes he bends in just the right way. It never fails, when he plays his stories, a crowd is drawn in. But, if you toss some cash in his rather large tin cup, he'll play another story, just for you.
As a dance instructor and artist, I understand that an artist's income is rarely predictable. One steady gig a week makes an amazing difference in our ability to feel secure and be creatively productive. Friday Night is the story of an artist who has found a weekly gig that works for him. It makes me wonder what his life is like the rest of the week.
Artist StatementRevealing our experiences with clay, metal, stone, paint and canvas is my journey. Pushing and pulling shadows and highlights into the stories of our lives is the method I use.

I'm Kat Warwick, a painter and an emerging sculptor, exploring a variety of human and animal experiences in my works.

There is stillness and movement in each moment brought into focus in my sculptural and pictorial works. I invite you to reflect on these elements when you delve into the journey of the subject and the story the work portraits.
Artist BiographyThe official stuff...
1987 BFA North Texas State University
1988-2008 Sales/Customer Service in Corporate America until 2008 when I was given the boot. Apparently, being honest with customers was no longer acceptable.
During the corporate years I donated my artistic talents to community organizations and continued studies at Brookhaven College and The Create Arts Ctr. of Dallas.
2009 - Present, Soft Retirement. Enjoying my passions of Dance and Art

The fun part...
2013 - I was 51 yrs old and teaching dance, when it struck me that I had time to also, finally, create art! I sculpt and sometimes I paint. It's an amazing life which allows me the freedom to make a difference in the lives of others through my passions. It's 5 years later I have found success as an artist, I found Stories to Art and I found YOU!

Let's make some art!


University of North Texas|Graduated
What I Love Doing
I am always honored when someone entrusts me to recreate their special story in art. I've been doing art for others for over 25 years and I love it. Projects have ranged from 5' Fire Breathing Dragons (yes real fire) to simple 1/2" tall clay yoga poses.

I am also humbled when one of my existing artworks is lifted off it's pedestal at a show and given a new home. It never ceases to be amazing when the right person finds the work of art that truly speaks to them!
What I Find Beautiful
The Bright Colors of Spring-Summer-Fall and the Monotones of Winter. Darkness, Light. Textures Rough and Smooth. Contrast. Faces of all types. Strength. Love. Kindness. Energy. Passions Expressed... I find beauty in everything... except manifestations of hate and greed.
(Perhaps I will write a poem about this... I'm not a writer but sometimes I have a moment of literary inspiration.)
My Favorite Memory
Every new day creates new amazing memories.
These are a few that hold special importance for me.
- The day I chose to live life fully; rather than be defeated by life.
- My wedding day to the amazing Jerry Warwick.
- The moment when I realized that my artwork has worth.
- The day Mom moved in with us and Jerry embraced her as his own.
- Every day my actions bring joy, and improve the lives of others.
- Any day, working as a team with my love, Jerry.
- The completion of my 200sq ft. art studio.
My Favorite Art Style
I do not have a favorite art style. I love art that brings me to a point of
thoughtfulness and reflection, art that makes me laugh, art that shows ingenuity. I struggle with complete abstractions, but I'm working on improving my appreciation of those art forms.
My favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh. I love, and at the same time; am disturbed, by his art, but more importantly I am intrigued by his journey.
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Additional Information

Artwork Medium Metal
Artwork Underlying Themes Faith - in self, Inner Strength, Optimism, Overcoming - fear, Success
Creative Style Expressionism, Figurative , Portraiture
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Subject Matter Hobbies, Motivational, People, Portrait