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Available Styles:Alternative, Folk
Delivery Format:Song
Instruments:One Instrument
Sound Quality:Home Mastered
Available File Type(s):mp3, wav, aiff
Any Tune in public domain? No
Printed Lyrics included? Yes
Sheet Music included? Yes
Description:Commission me to compose and record an original folk song based on the subject matter of your choice. A simple composition created with guitar and vocals, this song would make the perfect gift for a family member or friend.
Artist BiographyA musician from Baltimore, MD, USA. I also play in a band called Arbouretum.
Dulaney High School, Maryland|Graduated
Baltimore School for the Arts
What I Love Doing
Other than composing, Tai Chi, hiking, and gardening.
What I Find Beautiful
All living things, as well as things we don't think of as living, such as rocks, clouds, and stars.
My Favorite Memory
That time when I beat my parents and their well-educated friends at Trivial Pursuit. I was twelve.
My Favorite Art Style
Impressionism and minimalism in visual art. Psychedelic and folk styles in music.
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Artwork Medium No
Subject Matter No
Personality Type Animal Lovers, Art Lovers, Athletic, Bookworms, City Slickers, Film Buffs, Foodies, Intellectuals, Music Lovers, Nature Lovers
Recipient Coach, Colleague, Couple, Grandparent, Family Members, Friend, Teen, Teacher
Collections Irresistible Art
Creative Style Alternative, Folk
Artwork Underlying Themes Family, Friendship, Life - circle of life, Life - coming of age, Life - accumulation of experiences, Love for a - other family member, Love for a - friend, Love for a - partner
Sound Quality Home Mastered