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Available Styles:Pop, Surrealism, Whimsical
Delivery Format:2D Artwork
Weight:1 lbs
Description:As children we used our toys or other inanimate objects to tell our stories and express ourselves. A lot of adults have forgotten or don't know how to do that properly and in a way are expressionless as automatons. My robots allow people to be nostalgic and remember a time when they could get lost in their own stories. My artwork can help you return to a time less complicated. I can make a multitude of variations based on this image including color and subject matter.
Artist StatementMy name is Craig Snodgrass. I’ve created a whole world of inspirational characters influenced heavily by my nostalgia for retro science fiction films, comics and toys.

I primarily paint and illustrate images of whimsical robots. The robots I create (Snodbots) possess an uncanny sense of humanity, frailty and tenderness. This sense of humanity allows people to connect to the robot and create their own narrative based on the image.
Artist Biography2017: "Space Kitteh" illustration selected for the cover of Whurk Magazine.

2017: Exhibited at the 2017 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2016: Designed and produced a designer toy ("Duppy" the SnodBOT) based on his artwork via Kickstarter.

2016: First European showing as part of a group exhibition at LemoArt Gallery in Berlin, Germany.

2015: Wrote, illustrated and published first children's book, "The Clever Girl".

2015: Best in Show Award - Art in the Park, Staunton, VA
Concord University
What I Love Doing
Making. Making art. Making dinner. Making my daughter laugh. Learning how to do all those things better or in a new way.
What I Find Beautiful
The neon lights of Shanghai. An abandoned factory. The rust on an old tractor. My wife's eyes. The way my daughter looks at something she’s never seen before. The way the light filters through my windshield of my car on my way home in the evening. The particular camera angle used in a particular scene of a particular film.
My Favorite Memory
This is a hard one, but one I return to on a regular basis was when I was in the 6th grade. It was a Thursday afternoon and the classes were having a halloween party. There was no school the following day and I was excited about just being home and not doing anything except playing and maybe going shopping for a new G.I. Joe toy with my mother. Any time the air gets crisp and the leaves begin to change I get nostalgic for the pure child like happiness of those days.
My Favorite Art Style
Currently illustrative paintings that have a sense of urgency and movement.
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Additional Information

Artwork Medium Acrylic
Subject Matter Childhood, Fantasy, Other
Personality Type No
Recipient No
Collections No
Creative Style Pop, Surrealism, Whimsical
Artwork Underlying Themes Childhood, Family
Sound Quality No