Fado III (edition #2 of 5) | Photography

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Dimensions:16"  x 12"  x 1.25"
Weight:2 lbs 5 oz
Delivery Format:2D Artwork
Additional Description:Elegant, heavyweight stock is treated with multiple layers of varnish and tints to match shades of the chosen photograph. The photo is then transferred onto this processed background, and enhanced as dictated.
Varied ink movements, brushing, and varnishing create the final rich crackling. Framed and ready to hang; signed and stamped.

This Old World devotion to unhurried technique combines superbly with modern photography to render each parchment unique, fresh, spontaneous and expressive.
The body is more than a vessel. It feels, it senses and responds. It is, in itself, a powerful force.

Story by StoriesToArt
Artist StatementI explore female beauty through the filter of my childhood in repressive Tehran, Iran, where as a boy I sketched female figures from contraband magazines. In this series, I portray empty gazes and whitened faces of women. I seek to reduce the effects of cultural dictates about beauty and to highlight the essential, timeless qualities of my subjects. My portraits reflect a perspective about beauty that was formed by the restrictive circumstances of my youth. These circumstances are a key element of my identity as an artist.
Artist BiographyBorn in Tehran, Iran, Aryai displayed an interest in art from early childhood. Finding himself in a stringent cultural environment in the mid 70's, Aryai left Iran for England where he received his formal education and was free to pursue his artistic passions. Later he ventured on to the United States where in the mid 80's he immersed himself in the medium of photography. This gave him the perfect means and medium to capture the essence and beauty of his subject matter through his own unique vision, approach, and style.

Aryai is also credited with producing artistic product renderings for such major companies as Nike, Kraft, Blue Cross, Samsung and Adidas.  His images have also appeared as key set decorations in major motion pictures.

Aryai's images speak universally and have garnered both national and international acclaim. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. His collectors span the globe. 

What I Love Doing
Creating art
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Creating art
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Rodin's drawings
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Additional Information

Artwork Medium Digital
Artwork Underlying Themes Aging Gracefully, Beauty, Faith - in self, Love for a - friend, Motherhood
Creative Style Impressionism, Modern, Portraiture
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Subject Matter People, Other