Encaustic wall piece on wood-portrait-square | Mixed Media (2D)

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Medium:Encaustic, Wood
Available Styles:Portraiture
Delivery Format:2D Artwork
Description:Materials are mixed media drawing on wood with clear encaustic medium. The image is drawn from a photograph. The existing grain of the wood panel substrate determines the composition of the piece. I can create a similar piece for you using your own photograph. All artwork comes framed in simple, raw wood and ready to hang.
Artist StatementMy work is primarily mixed media still life and portraiture. The subjects are the objects and people that are around me everyday. The work has a story to tell, rather than a statement to make. The representations are intentionally manipulated not only to emphasize line and fractal shape, but also to allow the materials to determine the composition of the piece. The process of fitting together the different elements is my response to a question about how everything is a part of the whole.
Artist BiographyCasey Lowry is an artist, housewife, and mother. Her work has been seen in publication and in several juried exhibitions throughout the country.
dropout of The School of the Art Institute, Chicago, IL
What I Love Doing
I always enjoy a long walk.
What I Find Beautiful
I find beauty in the small bits of nature that surround us all, everyday.
My Favorite Memory
The wind blew, the trees swayed, the birds sang, and I was happy.
My Favorite Art Style
Any unique expression that comes directly from the soul is good with me. Good art comes from the gut.
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Artwork Medium Encaustic, Wood
Subject Matter People
Personality Type No
Recipient No
Collections No
Creative Style Portraiture
Artwork Underlying Themes No
Sound Quality No