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Dimensions:36"  x 48"  x 1.75"
Weight:5 lbs 1 oz
Delivery Format:2D Artwork
Additional Description:This pig is painted on stretched canvas with a 1/5 depth finished in a painted crisp white. It's ready to hang without a frame or can be framed.
Ah, I'm so glad I'm not someone's dinner.
Artist StatementPainting gifts me with a joyous sense of presence I’ve yet to achieve otherwise. So, though I hope to elicit emotional responses to my work, I also paint because it rekindles my soul. I’ve been influenced by the masters Van Gogh, Rothko and Picasso as well as contemporary artists such as Susan Rothenberg and Greg Osterhaus.
Artist BiographyWhile attaining various degrees that were not related to art and climbing the career ladder, Alice took art classes, recreated paintings by Master and contemporary artists, and did commissions for her friends and family. Finally, Alice chose to pursue her greatest passion.
Virginia Commonwealth University|Graduated
What I Love Doing

What I Find Beautiful
My son.
Young children.
My Favorite Memory
Laughing with my son to the point of crying.
My Favorite Art Style
Modern art.
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Artwork Medium Oil
Artwork Underlying Themes Love for a - pet, Nature - as beauty, Nature - simplicity of
Creative Style Figurative , Modern
Collections No
Recipient No
Personality Type No
Subject Matter Animals