Everyone Has A Story….

And that story – whether a shared moment, cherished memory or even a vivid flight of imagination – is uniquely personal..

Art is personal, too. Every piece of art communicates special meaning through images, words or sounds.

As both storytellers and artists, we wanted to come up with a way for these distinct creative processes to merge.

And StoriesToArt was born.

StoriesToArt enables you to choose exclusive pieces of art or commission art, music or poetry directly inspired by your stories. Our commissions and original pieces are available in everyone’s price range, and there are even opportunities to obtain free art via our story contests.

Best of all, StoriesToArt supports artists and promotes arts education nationwide. Artists receive a 60% commission and the opportunity for more work by becoming part of StoriesToArt Gives Back.

Everyone has a story to tell, and we believe that any story can become a true work of art. With StoriesToArt, you’re invited to tap into your creative side like never before.

Founded in August 2014 by CEO Tracy Landon, the team, which includes Stephanie Reindel- Director of User Experience, Rebecca Sheffield- Design Director, Elizabeth Williams- Creative Content Director, Ty Owens- Marketing Specialist, Zynovo - our web developers and maintenance team, an Advisory Board, and a growing number of esteemed artists, poets and songwriters, launched www.StoriesToArt.com in 2017. Please visit our blog for more.