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Available Styles:Portraiture
Delivery Format:2D Artwork
Weight:1 lbs
Description:Have an old family photograph or a story you wish to tell? I would love to create a piece that captures its essence.
Artist StatementUpon close inspection, both construction and deconstruction of the drawing and painting processes are evident in the multiple layers of Julie’s work.  Revealed here is a vulnerability, alternating between cognitive and intuitive mindsets.  Capturing the heart of the piece, images take on an ethereal appearance with the often transparent figures, loosely rendered landscapes, and expressive clouds that encapsulate the underlying tone.
Artist BiographyMember, River Arts District, Asheville

Exhibitions in Asheville and surrounding region

Featured Article WNC Woman Magazine | February 2016
Salvage Style for the Garden | ISBN 10: 1579905978 / ISBN 13: 9781579905972

Sculpture commissioned by the American Red Cross for their national annual meeting, Chairs on Parade public art exhibit

In Private Collections across the country
What I Love Doing
I love the interplay of the input/output of the artistic process. The input: as I sit in my garden talking to my chickens, watching what is sprouting up, and soaking up the beauty of the back-drop of mountains. The output: setting up in my studio a fresh panel on which to paint, putting on some music, saying hello to my studio mates and the studio dogs and then jumping in to a new painting, seeing where it takes me.
What I Find Beautiful
Light. Fog. Rain. My mom. My family. My friends. How time weaves connections to others together. How the seasons of ease and hardship become more melded together with age, as the joy of just being here trumps all experience.
My Favorite Memory
I have a vivid memory of my grandpa's barn. I can remember how small I felt as I stood and looked up to the tiny window at its top. I remember how fine and soft the dry dirt was on its floor, and can still see the light that peered through the cracks in the wood. I can hear the barn swallows and remember how my sister and I would climb up the same ladder and swing on the same rope that my mom and her siblings would swing on and jump into the hay.
My Favorite Art Style
The style of art from which I draw the most inspiration is Abstract Expressionism.
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Artwork Medium Acrylic
Subject Matter People
Personality Type No
Recipient No
Collections No
Creative Style Portraiture
Artwork Underlying Themes Family
Sound Quality No