Avenue of Trees | Photography

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Medium:Digital, Giclee
Dimensions:29"  x 21"  x 2"
Weight:3 lbs 1 oz
Delivery Format:2D Artwork
Additional Description:A signed, limited edition black and white digital Giclee print on acid free heavyweight paper made from bamboo, a highly renewable source.

The trees were beautiful in the fog until one day they were removed in the name of progress.
Artist StatementI can't think of a better way to express what I strive to do than to use the words of Henri Cartier-Bresson -

"To photograph is to hold one’s breath, when all the faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It’s at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy."

My photographs are not staged, arranged, or recreated for the camera. While these are digital images, computer manipulation is kept to a minimum. You won’t find a blue sky from Hawaii above the south rim of the Grand Canyon, or a tree from the southern hemisphere on the shore of the Great Lakes. Images are cropped and sized. Contrast and density are adjusted as needed, color balance is corrected and areas are dodged and burned to lighten or darken tones in the final prints.
Artist BiographyI have earned a living as a photographer for a number of years. Earning a living and paying the bills is very different than "being" a photographer, or "being" an artist of any kind. It takes no time at all to realize that you must produce or starve. I have been a freelance photographer, a staff photographer, a photo editor, and Chief Photographer at a daily newspaper. I also exhibit my work at art shows, and I sell stock photos through two international agencies. I love what I do.
What I Love Doing
making photographs other people find interesting, beautiful or valuable
What I Find Beautiful
the world around me
My Favorite Memory
I haven't made my favorite yet. I'll get back to you.
My Favorite Art Style
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Artwork Medium Digital, Giclee
Artwork Underlying Themes Beauty, Change, Loss, Nature - as beauty
Creative Style Decorative, Realism
Collections For Him, Winter Collection
Recipient Coach, Colleague, Couple, Grandparent, Family Members, Friend, Parent
Personality Type Art Lovers, Bookworms, Film Buffs, Intellectuals, Nature Lovers
Subject Matter Nature