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Medium:Instrumentation, Vocals
Available Styles:Alternative, Folk, Rock
Delivery Format:Song
Instruments:One Instrument
Available File Type(s):mp3, wav
Printed Lyrics included? Yes
Sheet Music included? No
Additional Details:Recording quality is negotiable (Portable device = fast results, lower price, "living room" feel, delivered via download. Studio recording = slower results, higher price, professional quality, delivered on a CD w/artwork and lyrics). I am happy to create, and deliver your song to you in whatever fashion you desire.
Description:Commission me to compose a simple song using an acoustic guitar, and/or a piano and a vocal.
Artist StatementI've been running from the hell hound of song for twenty five years now – nipping at my heels, demanding more; if I don't put pen to paper, then I dare not imagine what may happen... My process consists of internalizing the human experience, molding it into a story, then matching each story to a melody that complements it. I'm inspired by my writing partner, Thomas Gunn, to create art that speaks to the beauty of the communal human experience: the joy, the pain, the struggle, the love.
Artist BiographyJason Pollock is a self-taught musician who began his career around 1993. He formed a band named Seven Mary Three in college, and went on to write a number one hit, "Cumbersome", that kept the band touring non-stop for two years, in the US and abroad. He wrote other top ten songs, including "Water's Edge" and "Rock Crown", and recorded three studio albums with the band. He left 7M3 in 1999 to pursue his own musical vision. He currently fronts a band from Charlottesville, VA named The Pollocks.
College of William and Mary|Graduated
What I Love Doing
I enjoy spending time with friends and family, cooking, walking through the forest, staring at the stars. I enjoy traveling with the love of my life, whenever she can drag me away from the comforts of home. I enjoy waking up, taking another breath, and trying to fight the good fight.
What I Find Beautiful
While there's nothing funny about peace, love and understanding, I find beauty in the cosmic love joke that never reveals its punchline; the coming together, and the breaking apart. What does it all mean, and why? Is beauty in the fire, or in how you walk through it? Maybe the secret lies in waiting for something true, and being satisfied to play the pawn in a pinball machine. After all, everything depends on me, and I choose right – no wait, left!
My Favorite Memory
I met my love in the back alley of the White Rabbit in San Antonio, TX. She didn't want to be there, but her friend demanded that she take some pictures with my band, who had performed at the club that night, and get a poster signed to give to her brother. I was happy to comply, and put my arm around her for the camera. She was having none of it, shrugged me off, then smiled warmly as the shutter snapped. Twenty years later, I still have the photograph of the exact moment that we first met.
My Favorite Art Style
After the blues, the rock, the roll, the country and the western, my favorite art style is French Impressionism.
($500.00 deposit charged upon purchase, Balance of $500.00 due upon shipment) Payment Terms
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Artwork Medium Instrumentation, Vocals
Subject Matter No
Personality Type Animal Lovers, Art Lovers, Athletic, Bookworms, City Slickers, Film Buffs, Foodies, Intellectuals, Music Lovers, Nature Lovers
Recipient Coach, Colleague, Child, Couple, Grandparent, Family Members, Friend, Parent, Teen, Teacher, Significant Other
Collections Irresistible Art
Creative Style Alternative, Folk, Rock
Artwork Underlying Themes Inner Strength, Life - circle of life, Life - coming of age, Life - accumulation of experiences, Love for a - other family member, Love for a - friend, Love for a - parent, Love for a - partner
Sound Quality Studio Recording