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Dimensions:11"  x 14"  x 1.5"
Weight:3 lbs
Delivery Format:2D Artwork
Additional Description:It was an uneventful day with nothing important happening, yet I went to sleep with a feeling of gratitude for what it offered. I didn't know that I would start my next day magically! An opportunity to paint what I experienced was about to show up!

This work is on a ready to hang canvas, hung as it is for a contemporary look or it could be framed for a traditional look. The paint is juicy and thickly applied with a knife. The limited palette was challenging.
The first few moments of the snow were magical and evoked a spiritual thought. It felt as if peace was showering from above, arresting the chaos of the world. Even as it fell soft on the ground, it lit up the warmth in the heart. The power of the white was exhilarating, but I knew it was all going to disappear soon, thus reinstating the need to enjoy and be in the present moment.
Artist Statement "Art has put me on to the path of joy and self discovery. The process of transferring my thoughts on to a canvas through colors and shapes is gratifying."

"The practice of daily painting has given a new dimension to my life. Each new canvas is exciting and is approached with the same enthusiasm and curiosity that I held for my first one long back. I try to bring onto my canvas what I perceive from nature and people, the most inspiring aspects to my creation. The spiritual connection I make with nature and its creator is being transferred onto my landscapes and seascapes as I try to bring in its essence and seek an emotional response from the viewer."
Artist BiographyPadmaja is from Bangalore, India and lives in the US. Art has been a part of her life for years now. The roots of her artistic journey lie in depicting scenes from Hindu mythology in her own original way guided by the wall sculptures in century old temples of South India. Along the road of her creative journey she has chosen to express herself through contemporary impressionistic, expressionist as well as abstract approaches to painting.
She often tries to incorporate stories into her landscapes based on interesting people whom she comes across and how nature unfolds in every aspect of its existence. Bright and bold colors applied with the palette knife is an important element of what she creates.
What I Love Doing
Painting and listening to music are the most lovable passions for me right now.
What I Find Beautiful
Nature and people.
My Favorite Memory
The joy my father expressed when I sold my first artwork. He was my ardent fan and motivated me every single day. Now he is not around anymore but I feel his presence and encouragement while I am in my creative space.
My Favorite Art Style
Expressive with bold and vibrant colors. Some abstraction is always interesting!
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Subject Matter Nature
Personality Type No
Recipient No
Artwork Medium Oil
Creative Style Impressionism, Landscape
Collections Winter Collection
Artwork Underlying Themes Beauty, Change, Nature - simplicity of