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Available Styles:Free Verse
Delivery Format:Written words
Length Type:Words
Digital File:Digital File (PDF)
Description:Commission me to create a short love poem for your Valentine. Content can range from a cherished shared memory to those special little things you adore about your beloved.
Artist StatementMy projects are varied in content and style from images of Egypt to collages of mental illness. I am interested in beauty often overlooked and the story in the everyday. That moment we almost don’t notice in life is what I try to capture. The corner store we drive past, its colors a rainbow. The way our nearly grown child still sits close while watching TV. The rapturous glow of the afternoon sun coming through the kitchen window. Those quiet stories can be the most wondrous and meaningful.
Artist BiographyPhotographer, writer, social worker 20 years.

NYU Minetta Review 2016
Greg Moon Gallery Taos CO 2016
HVWG – Third place for short story “Inviting Mabel to Dinner” 2016
Capital District’s Photo Regional –1991, 1993, 1995, 1996, 2003 and 2014
Fence Show Select of the ACCR - 2013 and 2012
Mohawk-Hudson Artist Regional 2005
Photography Center of the Capital Region 2011
Saratoga County Council for the Arts 2005 and the Fine Art Award 2001
Fulton Street Art Gallery Troy NY 1997
Clark University|Graduated
What I Love Doing
Cooking to the music. Being with my family and friends. Providing comfort to someone in need. Flopping on the couch and watching TV. Losing myself in the midst of writing the story. Seeing the image appear on the paper like magic. Laughing really hard.
What I Find Beautiful
Isn’t there beauty in everything?
Beauty is in: breathing crisp fresh air, observing the perfect color red in a rose, the crows picking at the carcass on the road, a woman’s holding the tissue to her child’s nose while they wait at the bus stop, smelling garlic and butter simmering on the stove, the layers of mist on the mountain ranges. The list goes on.
My Favorite Memory
Walking down the ancient alley to the taverna, I am 17 and on my own in a faraway place. I have laryngitis but my heart shouts to near bursting.

The first night in the hospital room, he is in the crib by the bed. We share the darkness and quiet.

Awakened, the star is so big I think it is a plane. It assures me of our little girl to be.

My feet throb, the turkey almost cold on my plate, and I forget to take off my apron. Down the long table, everyone talks, eats, laughs. I smile exhaling “yeah."
My Favorite Art Style
As in all aspects of my life, I am eclectic. This goes for art as well. Of course I love the classic artists Van Gogh and Vermeer, Dickens and Zora Neal Hurston, Mozart and Satie, Dorothea Lange and Henri Cartier-Bresson. I also love rockin to Michael Franti and enjoy new art forms like mixed media artist Pipilotti Rist. The writing of Richard Russo and Susan Gilman are among my favorites. In contemporary photography there is so much to either love or hate I couldn’t name any in particular.
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Additional Information

Artwork Medium Poetry
Subject Matter Love
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Collections Irresistible Art
Creative Style Free Verse
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