42nd Ave and Madison | Photography

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Dimensions:16"  x 20"
Weight:0 lbs 1 oz
Delivery Format:2D Artwork
Additional Description:This photograph was taken in the streets of New York City.
What happens when they get through the fog?
Artist StatementWhen I'm shooting, I have no particular plan. I could end up being fascinated by patterns in tree bark or locomotives in a rail yard. I take photos of what strikes my eye at any given moment.
Artist BiographyJon, originally from Wisconsin, is a self-taught photographer. He was given a camera for his eighth birthday and has been involved with photography for well over 60 years.

Jon, once thought about a photographic career, but decided to work in broadcasting instead. No matter where his day to day activities take him, Jon will take his camera along.
University of Wisconsin
What I Love Doing
I have a passion for trains and have been taking pictures of them for over 40 years. To paraphrase poet Enda St. Vincent Millay, there isn't a picture of a train I wouldn't take, no matter where it's going.
What I Find Beautiful
I find clouds beautiful.
My Favorite Memory
Being with my dad down at the railroad station, watching trains come in.
My Favorite Art Style
I like abstract. Patterns attract me. Bold designs draw my eye.
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Additional Information

Artwork Medium Digital
Artwork Underlying Themes Change, Life - coming of age, Life - accumulation of experiences, Optimism, Overcoming - fear, Progress
Creative Style No
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Subject Matter People