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  • Nothing beats nature

    Do you remember that horrendous storm, when the lights went out and we hid in the closet? Do you remember the next morning when that rainbow spilt over Glacier Park? You said nothing beats nature.

    Story by Peggy, age 35
    Jewelry by Gillian Preston

  • The Butterfly

    A turquoise butterfly landed on my father’s nose. I must have been 7-years-old, max… I remember thinking it was the funniest thing ever and then the sun hit the butterfly and half of it turned to gold. It was magical.

    Story by Elijah, Age 42
    Mixed Media by Casey Lowry

  • Porchlight

    We'll leave the porch light burning for a year, honey.

    Story by Barbara, age 78
    Photography by Deyva Arthur

  • Brighton Beach Melodies

    “We come here every day. Even if it snows. It’s not like the home in Russia. We talk of those times. They were good and they were very, very bad. But we talk of what we choose.”

    Story and Photography by Deyva Arthur

what happens next will be a true work of art
Hope (from the Meaning Series)
When I was a girl, meaning was self-evident. I search for the small things, now.

Digital Photography
by Elizabeth Williams

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Instead, We Decided to Dance With Our Eggnog
Crackle and static interrupted us. The ornaments decorated the table, and the couch, with a few on the tree....

Story and metalwork
by Amber D. Harrison

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Grandmom’s Kitchen
The pink and white tablecloth made the kitchen of Grandmom’s island cottage so cheery. We would come in from the beach feeling windswept...

Oil Painting
by Mary Michaela Murray

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It’s a Lifestyle
As a former teacher, I created Gateway cottages for children and adolescents who love creativity and want a lifestyle of both contemplation and social interaction....

by James Carlin

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Fresh Start
As I walk up the stairs to my classroom, I smell the pancakes being served for breakfast down in the cafeteria and I am reminded that every day is a chance to start fresh.

Fiber Art
by Lisa Lackey

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