His and Hers
My work personifies chairs, each with its own feeling or presence. Some are strong, purposeful, and upright. Others sensual, graceful and poetic, while a few need repair,
are fraying or uneven.
Mixed Media By: Ashley Sauder Miller
has a
Story to Tell...
I introduce you to “The Girls Next Door.” I carefully chose models that provoke feelings of nostalgia and are reminiscent of girls I used to know.
Painting By: Stanley Rayfield
Black Rectangle/Bone
Loose Jacket
A jacket for all seasons, body types, and complexions. Lightweight silk and wool suiting in black and bone becomes a simple yet bold statement.
Fiber Arts By: Laura Hunter
Sly Fox
We often see foxes slinking around in the fields before us. Much of our work inspired by what we can see or imagine before us.
Metalwork By: Kate Gatski
Instead We Decided to Dance with Our Eggnog
Crackle and static interrupted us. The ornaments decorated the table, And the couch, with a few on the tree. We had important family plans to make, But instead, we decided to dance with our eggnog.
Created By:  Amber D. Harrison
Turn Your Story To art Contest
Enter your favorite story, memory or dream for a chance to win a $250 StoriesToArt eGift card and have one of our artists turn your story into art!!!
Blossom by: Mikyoung Osburn
The story with the most likes by 12/31/17 WINS!
Call For Artwork

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