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Girl with Cat
Created By:  Jessica Roller
This little girl is always extraordinary. She could draw at 2 and read at 3, and now at 7, she can imagine and create a spectacular world. This girl is restless and wild, but when she pauses to daydream, she is simply beautiful.
Turn Your Story To Art Contest
The cold weather is here and we want to hear your stories about the most memorable snowfall you've experienced. Share your story with us and be entered to win a $250 eGift card!
Jeff's Barn in the Snow
The story with the most likes by 3/31/19 WINS!
Art Trends 2019
POSTED:  01/09/2019
With the rise of visual-based media outlets like Instagram, it’s becoming easier than ever to browse art online and find inspiration wherever we go. As both an art-lover and maker, I’m always interested in seeing how our culture’s visual tastes shift and grow, so I’ve done a little scouting and compiled my discoveries into this post...
The Heart of Art Collecting
POSTED:  05/02/2018
The phrase “Art Collecting” has a tendency to conjure up images of esoteric libraries, hidden-door handshakes, and ungodly sums of cash. What a lot of people don’t know is that there are many types of art collectors. While we may differ wildly in our appearances, careers, and bank accounts, there are a few things every art-collector understands...
Call For Artwork

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