Everyone has a

...and that story - whether a shared moment, cherished memory or even a vivid flight of imagination - is uniquely personal. Art is personal, too. Every piece of art communicates special meaning through images, words or sounds.

StoriesToArt will enable you to select exclusive pieces of art or commission art, music or poetry directly inspired by your stories. The result is a powerful and personal work of art – for yourself or as the perfect gift – that allows professional artists to express their own styles based on your creative input.

how does it work?

First you’ll share your story. You can then either select an original artwork that reflects your story, or you can commission an artist, poet or songwriter to use your story as inspiration for a completely unique piece.

what happens next will be a true work of art
Oil painting
As we age, what defines our true strengths and weaknesses?

Story and Oil Painting by Ira Upin

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Do you remember that horrendous storm, when the lights went out and we hid in the closet? Do you remember the next morning when that rainbow spilt over Glacier Park? You said nothing beats nature.

Story and Photograph by Peggy Harrison

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I feel loved every morning when you pour me a cup of tea. Will you marry me? Edward

Teapot by Randy Bill

Felt hat
It’s the hats I remember. You wore them every Saturday when we went to the market.

Story and Felt Hat by Miriam Carter

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Calling all artists
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StoriesToArt supports artists and promotes arts education nationwide. We welcome distinguished artists from every field, and recent art school graduates are encouraged to apply. Artists receive a 60% commission and the opportunity for more work, if desired, by becoming StoriesToArt Gives Back artists.

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giving back

StoriesToArt gives 5% of its profits back to support arts education through its StoriesToArt Gives Back program. The program’s goal is to award grants to public and non-profit schools in order for them to hire StoriesToArt artists to come to their schools and turn their schools' stories into art.